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Screenshot from the Live Demo, showing the web interface with a list of content next to a related Process Diagram.
Screenshot of the Process View in our Live Demo

Things to try in the Demo:

Process View

Jump into the Process View & browse visual process diagrams. In this view, you can click process attachments in the right-pane or fold out the connected data like a tree structure in the left pane.

View Process Diagram:
“Provide pay & Performance”

Compliance View

View Statements from standards together with their documentation & activities. You can browse connected statements & data to find how our Model company works to ensure compliance.

View ISO Statement:
“7.2 – Competence”

Document View

Browse Guiding Documents & find their related processes, activities etc. You can also search on all documents & objects you have access to. Ordinary users can only see published versions.

Go to:
Guiding Documents by Class

Document Assignment Example

Quality Activities

View the Ongoing, Completed & Planned Audits for our Model company. See their status, browse their related information & events. Typically, activities are only visible to the relevant users.

Go to:
Internal Audits

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