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Screenshot of the Live-Demo, with quality documentation and visual representations of processes.
Screenshot of the Process View in our Live Demo

Things to try in the Demo:

Process View

Visual Business Processes, with links to guiding content and related processes.

Jump into the Process View & browse visual process diagrams. In this view, you can click process attachments in the right-pane or fold out the connected data like a tree structure in the left pane.

View Process Diagram:
“Provide pay & Performance”

Compliance View

Organize your Regulatory Statements (ISO, GDPR etc.) and link them to their quality documentation and guiding content.

View Statements from standards together with their documentation & activities.You can browse connected statements & data to find how our Model company works to ensure compliance.

View ISO Statement:
“7.2 – Competence”

Document View

Controlled Documents: Visual QMS lets you control the full document lifecycle of your guiding documents, from Draft to Publication, and finally to Retirement and Archiving.

Browse Guiding Documents & find their related processes, activities etc. You can also search on all documents & objects you have access to. Ordinary users can only see published versions.

Go to:
Guiding Documents by Class

Document Assignment Example

Quality Activities

Quality Activities let you add Workflows with Notifications and Reminders, to ensure the important quality tasks (for example during Internal Audits or to resolve Issues and Customer Complaints) are carried out in a standardized and timely manner.

View the Ongoing, Completed & Planned Audits for our Model company. See their status, browse their related information & events. Typically, activities are only visible to the relevant users.

Go to:
Internal Audits