What is a Visual QMS, and how do I get one?

The idea of a Visual QMS implementation is to allow its users to see everything they need in a way that makes sense, from any perspective/context they might need it. Based on their role or preference, perhaps they need to see their QMS information from a process perspective. Others might prefer to see it from a Regulation/Compliance Statement point-of-view (what are our regulatory statements, ISO etc.? How do we work to live up to them?) instead. Some might just want to do a free search on documents, and still see the processes and compliance statements those documents are related to.

What is in it?

So what you do with a Visual QMS sounds pretty straight-forward:

  • Draw your Visual Processes to form an easily navigated, visual map
  • Import your Regulatory Statements (ISO, etc.) into your requirement library
  • Create a library for your Guiding Documents, with the right metadata for people to easily find their information and the right creation and approval flows to let the organization publish new content more easily.
  • Set up the QMS Support modules you need to help standardize different tasks surrounding the Quality Assurance work, for example:
    • Training Management and Logging
    • Issue Recording and Management of Deviations
    • Internal Audit Management

How do I make it happen?

Depending on your goals, existing documentation and other things, the complexity of such a project may vary. If you are very ambitious you can implement a full total quality management system during the first implementation, complete with modules for Risk Management, Customer Feedback and more. You can also start out with a smaller scope and then add modules as you go along. If you only need the basics (i.e. get your processes captured and distributed, get control of your documents and connect them to your regulatory statements) to let the organization know how to succeed and comply, then it could be a smaller project.

We are currently writing a series on Getting started with Visual QMS, which goes deeper into how an implementation typically works.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email or book a personal demo with us.

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