Co-Authoring is a Core Component of Visual QMS

Why should I use Co-Authoring in a Quality Management System?

Writing guiding documents in a controlled way is crucial to compliance and quality management. The process of document review is a very collaborative process from start to finish. However, with working from home becoming more prevalent, it is usually impossible to meet physically for a document review. Moreover, checking out a document to co-authoring is often a manual task, with the risk of public links to business-critical documents being bounced around in emails or chats.

Visual QMS software provides the right set of tools for document co-authoring, allowing editors and reviewers to quickly and securely check out a document to just the right people for collaborative editing.

Share securely with Controlled Co-Authoring

Our controlled co-authoring solution integrates directly with M-Files and your online editor of choice (OneDrive or Google Drive) and is easy to use. Only one click is required to get started and another to invite more people, it is that easy.

Any invites to documents are tightly controlled by our application, ensuring that you always have an overview of what has been shared and with who. Furthermore, only people with the correct set of permissions in M-Files may share a document with additional people. In addition to internal collaboration, our solution can also be used to invite external people to co-author.

Internal access to shared documents is controlled by single sign-on (SSO), and external access is protected using one-time passwords (OTP), preventing documents from falling into the wrong hands.

Screenshot showing the checked out to co-authoring confirmation message.

Get things done faster

Quickly and easily check out documents to OneDrive or Google Drive. With only one click, you and your team are ready to start working right away!

Secure Sharing

Control exactly who can edit or view a document, ensuring that public links do not get bounced around and maintain total traceability.

Improve quality and control

Track every edit and comment to a document along the way, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

External Collaboration

Need an extra set of eyes on a document from an external source? Invite them directly and securely with Visual QMS!

What is Visual QMS

Our QMS software Visual QMS is a comprehensive Quality Management System with Visual Business Processes, Document Control, Training Management, Template Management, Training Management, Recording and Management of Issues, CAPAs, Deviations and support for many Quality Management Tasks.

Both us, and some of our customers, believe that Visual QMS is one of the best QMS solutions on the market.

Visual QMS is powered by:

  • M-Files – the leading platform to manage information, metadata and documents
  • – the leading platform for documenting visual business processes
Screenshot of the Live-Demo, with quality documentation and visual representations of processes.

What we deliver

We deliver the necessary software licenses for M-Files, and Visual QMS and help you implement our solution. Visual QMS works in the Cloud or On-Premise. If needed, we can tailor Visual QMS to your specific needs. We frequently implement software remotely across timezones and stand ready to support you in your daily business. Our system is configurable and flexible.

Get our help

If you are in the process of finding and selecting a new QMS, call us, or you already use M-Files and would like to implement a QMS or implement Visual Business Processes, give us a call! If you are seeking information about our line of product, we are here to help you. It is free of charge, and both you and we learn from the process.

Document Control is a Core Component of Visual QMS

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